Motek Cultural Initiative (MOTEK) is an innovative non-profit charitable organization, established to showcase contemporary Israeli music to diverse audiences. MOTEK began with a vision and a dream for change! By showcasing and introducing talented Israeli musicians to the mainstream, we are fostering a new generation’s appreciation for Israel across multicultural communities. MOTEK improves perceptions of Israel using music as a tool to transcend barriers, promote positive attitudes and unity.


MOTEK, Hebrew slang for “SWEETHEART”, “MON CHÉRI”, “HABIBI” is a gender-neutral term of endearment used to compliment and create positive vibes. Our logo creatively redirects Hebrew characters to resemble English lettering; in the same spirit we use music as a tool to redirect public perception of Israel.


We strive to facilitate a global shift in the perception of Israel. Motek chooses music as an agent of change to re-brand Israel and highlight its unique cultural character.


ESTABLISH the relevance of Israel amongst multicultural communities using music to enhance Israel’s reputation and promote unity amongst a variety of audiences.

ENGAGE our up and-coming generation of community leaders.

PROVIDE meaningful exposure to today’s Israeli cultural icons.

ENCOURAGE collaboration between North American and Israeli musicians.